When Sadorah Sims met Sean Holmes, she knew for sure she finally found the man that could make her completely happy in every way for the rest of her life, especially in bed…

Not only is Sean irresistibly handsome, sexy and amazingly intelligent, but he also has the most humongous penis Sadorah has ever seen and uses it like his only purpose in life is to please her…

Undoubtedly, Sean appears to be Sadorah’s knight in shining armor with a long powerful sword, but Sadorah’s best friend and business partner Tangy believes that Sean is merely a con artist or worst that is after Sadorah’s millions… Tangy had Sean investigated and what she uncovered couldn’t have been imagined in her wildest dreams…

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Our clients say

Quite a Surprise
"I enjoyed the author’s very detailed descriptions and the surprising, very humorous ending. The book could be improved with editing of mistakes in conventions and use."
Purchased Book
"Not my normally genre of choice, but I always believe in trying something new. The story line can lose you in moments; there a lot of dialogue, but it don't really describe the characters or settings like other books. The introduction can be a little bit confusing. The structure of the book is different, but the writer keeps you guessing to what Sean's secret is. Seems like a book that would be on late night HBO. I hope the love story develops more."
Purchased Book
Great Job
"This book is definitely a page turner. Great job."
Chrisitna Woods
Purchased Book
Five Stars
"Excellent read! Fun and sexy."
Purchased Book
Great Read
"I could not put this book down. The storyline was amazing. I would highly recommend this book to both women and men."
Amazon Customer
Purchased Book
Great Book
"A very stimulating reading experience. It seemed as if I were actually watching a movie. I definitely recommend this book."
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